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Léonce Bekemans

Léonce Bekemans (BA in Philosophy, MA in International Studies and PhD in International Economics) has an international profile and interdisciplinary academic background with a broad and long-lasting research and multi-lingual teaching/research experience in European studies and an international publication record. He has been for 10 years professor at the College of Europe and worked for various European institutes with combined teaching, research and management responsibilities. His main research interests relate to the broad area of value-oriented integration studies with a focus on the relations between economy, polity, culture and society from a global, European and local perspective and their wider societal impact.

He is a Jean Monnet Chair ad personam at the University of Padua and academic coordinator of its Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence, a formally acknowledged success story of the EU Jean Monnet programme and collaborator of its Human Rights Centre. He is visiting professor at various European universities, an appreciated speaker at international conferences and an expert to the UN, Council of Europe, the EU, Committee of the Regions, Anna Lindh Foundation in relation to European education, intercultural dialogue and multi-level governance issues. He is the SG of ECSA-World and also the president of “Ryckevelde”,  a not-for-profit organisation dealing with European citizenship in Bruges (B).

His experience is significant  for his  participation in research activities, & Thematic Working Group, included in writing books& articles, supporting the organization of all  events.

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