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Artur Adamczyk

PhD in Political Science; graduated from the Institute of International Relations, University of Warsaw (International Studies); Associate Professor, Editor-in-chief of the scientific quarterly “Studia Europejskie” and secretary of the Publishing Programme at the Centre for Europe, University of Warsaw. Specialist in International Relations in the field of European Studies. Main fields of research interest: Institutional system of the European Union, Decision making process in the EU, Foreign and Security Policy of the EU (Mediterranean dimension). Visiting Professor at different European universities; participant of various research projects. Lecturer in the fields of: Institutions and functioning of the EU, Decision making process and lobbying in the EU, Foreign policies of selected European States.Author, co-author and editor of over 50 publications, including books: The European Union and Poland. Problems and Achievements (2015); Introduction to European Studies: A New Approach to Uniting Europe (2013); Poland and Turkey in Europe – Social, Economic and Political Experiences and Challenges (2013).

The Key Staff Member, wice- manager of the first congress,  included in writing books& articles, TWGs Member, supporting the organization of all  events, undertaking research activities.

Additional activities of Staff Members - examples, for the years 2016-2020