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Agnieszka Kłos

Agnieszka Kłos, PhD in economics in 2012, since 2014 she is an assistant professor at Jean Monnet Chair of EU at Warsaw School of Economics. 2002-2005 worked at the Department of Finance, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. 2005-2011 in the Paying Authority Department,  Ministry of Finance.  2011-2013 worked for the National Economy Bank as an expert at European Programmes Department.  Since 2015 she works for the Mazowieckie Voivodship Marshal Office in the field of financial instruments (cooperation with EIB and BGK). In 2004-2006 Member of the Regional Steering Committee of the Integrated Operational Programme for Regional Development (as a representative of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), member of the team evaluating applications for the mobilization of the reserves of the state budget for Cohesion Fund projects (as a representative of the Ministry of Finance). 2006-2011 representative of the Ministry of Finance in the Parliamentary Commissions and Senate for the budget and public finances. 2013-2014 - one of the coordinators of JM Project “L’Académie du Jeune Européen” (LLP, JM Programme) and coordinator for the implementation of the project budget. 2014-2015 - coordinator for the implementation of the project budget of “EuInteg” (Erasmus , JM Information Project). 2013 -2016 was a Treasurer of Polish European Community Association and since 2016 she is a Vice-President of Polish European Community Association.

Since 2019 Expert at Academy of European Careers Foundation – expert/teacher in EU finance issues.

Author of numerous articles and book chapters in the field of public finance, the EU budget for the management of instruments financed from EU funds.

The Key Staff Member supporting the E-CEWSE Centre proper working, wice-manager of preparing the Course materials, included in writing  books&articles, vice- manager of the first congress, TWGs Member, supporting the organization of all events,  undertaking research & teaching activities.

Additional activities of Staff Members - examples, for the years 2016-2020