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New, interdisciplinary Centre of Excellence at Warsaw School of Economics (CEWSE)  on European Union’s Security and Stability in a new Economic, Social & Geopolitical Settlement is the first such initiative on  so far poorly developed at WSE interdisciplinary areas of teaching, research and outreach activities on the external dimension and activities of  EU as a tool to increase its competitiveness & geopolitical, economic &  social  stability to face the changing global settings, instability, challenges & opportunities of  the globalizing world.

CEWSE is a new innovative  interdisciplinary (cross-cutting) research centre at WSE; innovative interdisciplinary teaching centre in terms of teaching activities & innovative interdisciplinary dissemination centre, through activities of the students, researchers., etc. It will gather the expertise & competences of high-level WSE & other academics & experts developing synergies between the various disciplines and resources creating joint transnational research & structural links on EU with academic institutions in other countries.

The CEWSE (continuing the JM Chair of Professor Ewa Latoszek activities)  will establish the background to increase the interest in EU Studies among  students & academics reversing thus the current decreasing tendency in this area at WSE.

The research will focus on analising and evaluating the impact of  the external dimension of EU on its security and stability. Even though European integration is today one of the most crucial research areas on which important works has been produced, a complex multidisciplinary work that attempts to understand European external dimension in the changing world is still missing. The planned research is characterized with its novelty, different from traditional  attitude and this means that the existing theoretical models will have to be modified, adapted and updated. Furthermore, in order to continue and guarantee such discourse &best practice sharing,  research is needed into how the ability to participate in global reflective societies is to be anchored in European education as a necessary ingredient. For this, CEWSE research can draw on both European and worldwide theories and practices of education & innovation in the field. Innovative approaches are needed as familiar & tried and tested policies and initiatives are no longer tenable given the rapid changes Europe now confronts.

The major areas to be explored will be the EU common foreign and security policy, which promotes the EU values and model of engaging together globally, reversing poverty and inequalities through the synergies with the development policy, meeting the challenges and recent instabilities and managing/solving the current risks  that Europe and the world face nowadays in various areas (like e.g. environment, human and citizens rights, gender issues, migration) and regions (e.g. Asia, Africa, North America, Neighbourhood Policy Countries with special attention to the countries of Eastern Partnership, MENA, Asia-Pacific region).

A special part of the CEWSE activities will cover  the logic of external relations and external trade & investment policy and  their consistency, coherence and complementarity with other EU external activities and policies. CEWSE research  activities will also touch, re-asses and draw lessons on EU CFS and  external trade& investment policy cross- cuttings  and their synergies with other external policies (e.g.  external migrations, financial stability, development assistance, services). They will also research the external dimension of  internal policies (e.g. EU finance, social policy including the issues of demographic change, internal migration and the question of a place of young and old people in a society), multilevel governance, the diversity of the EU Members States positions towards a new external dimension of EU & their engagement in the the current challenges & instability solving. The reseach Team will also explore  the political and citizens attitudes on European integration process under the current economic, social and geopolitical settlements.